Cascade Credit Consulting, Inc.

Collection Services


Our Experience and Qualifications

Experience Servicing Delinquent Accounts

At CCCI, we have extensive experience in the collection of past due accounts. We realize the great importance of keeping abreast of changes in the recovery of debt. Because the collections industry is constantly changing, collectors must be constantly learning. Through the many industry resources and our past experience, we have the capability to adapt and succeed in this constant changing work environment.


We have relationships with many different business owners throughout our community and across the entire state of Oregon and we have experience collecting their write-offs with excellent results. We are able to help our clients coordinate their write-offs, develop a good rapport with our clients and their customers and provide both with accurate and timely information. By promoting a teamwork environment and surpassing company and individual goals, we have earned the respect of our colleagues.

Qualifications of Staff

Our employees continually receive on-going training and education. The best avenue to recovery is ethical and professional collection practices. By providing the best training we can offer our clients exceptional service.


All employees receive ongoing training and education on the ever changing collections industry. Cascade Credit Consulting holds memberships with the American Collectors Association (ACA International), and the Oregon Collectors Association (OCA). Through our memberships our agency has access to endless educational materials, training seminars, excellent legal counsel, insurance and many monthly publications covering all aspects of collections. Both the ACA and OCA mandates strict work ethics for all agencies and collectors whom are members. We absolutely adhere to all membership conditions and utilize all the resources they offer to help our agency not only be successful but ethical with excellent business practices.


Our training is very extensive. All new employees are required to attend 4 to 6 weeks of training which includes interactive computer programs, reading and testing of state and federal laws, learning how to properly answer the telephone and how to communicate with consumers, how to deal with difficult consumers and learning and understanding all debt collection laws.


Throughout the year we provide on-going training regarding Federal and State collections laws such as FDCPA, Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) as well as professional telephone collector techniques. We try to do this in different ways, giving our collectors different scenarios. Employees are given one-on-one training with a certified collection specialist to ensure professional telephone collection techniques and strict adherence to all applicable laws. We like to make training fun. We have computer and telephone training, role-playing, web seminars and fun monthly contests. Employees are required to successfully pass tests on Federal and State collection laws, specifically FDCPA and HIPAA, yearly. In the event an employee does not pass, we require additional training in all areas of collection laws and practices.


After one year of employment, all employees are required attend additional training while they prepare for the Certified Collector Specialist Certificate given through the ACA. This certification ensures that only the most professional telephone collector techniques are being practiced and state and federal laws are being followed at all times.


We have weekly staff meetings where we discuss actual debtor situations and learn the most up-to-date information on Bankruptcies, Payment Arrangements, Medicare, Credit Reporting, Professional Collector Techniques and State and Federal collection laws. We also have an extensive employee library that provides each employee access to all state and federal laws as well as new legislation, professional telephone collector techniques and much more.


Cascade Credit Consulting uses only the latest, most up-to-date collection software available which enables us to provide the best and fastest collection recovery for our clients in a secured environment. Our technology and infrastructure is built to support and manage our client’s accounts in the most professional and effective way possible while giving us the ability to handle large amounts of data. Our state-of-the-art collections network allows the overall collection process to be more productive and efficient while being flexible to interface with most other computer systems for easy transfer of accounts or reports.

caw.jpgClient Access Web – We offer full access to your accounts through our secure online client web portal. Client Access Web is a secured web portal which allows our clients to access their accounts at anytime, anywhere, with no worries. We take no chances with consumer information and all functionality of CAW is delivered through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using 128-bit encryption. All data, received, viewed or transferred is secure. Clients can access their accounts, edit account information, enter new accounts, request an account cancelation, report a direct payment and build collection reports all online, available 24/7.

paystream.jpgPayStream – PayStream is our new online debt negotiator. Consumers can login to our secure web portal using specific information to view their accounts, negotiate a payment plan on their unpaid balance or make a one-time payment. And again, all of this is available online, anytime making it a great tool for consumers and collectors alike. Even when our office is closed, we are collecting on your accounts!


Columbia Ultimate has long been considered one of the top collection software providers available; providing industry innovation and client care for over 30 years. With Columbia Ultimate we can collect more money in less time with their effective, state-of-the-art collection software. We are able to enhance our overall collection strategies with integrated analytics and increase right part contacts with powerful call management solutions.

LN_logo.gif Skip Tracing – At Cascade Credit Consulting, we offer an extensive people locator service for our clients. This is part of the overall collection package we provide each client. Locating lost consumers is a process is called “skip tracing” and we begin by verifying the information provided is the most up to date location information. We scrub many online resources to locate current addresses, telephone numbers, cell numbers and places of employment. We update the consumer’s file with any new information obtained and begin attempting to contact the consumer immediately.