Cascade Credit Consulting, Inc.

Collection Services


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the procedure after an account is turned over to collections?

Accounts are entered the same day they are received and the validation notice is sent as required by law. Within three days of assignment the account is sent to a collector to begin full collection. Once we make contact with the consumer we always ask for payment in full. If the consumer is unable to pay in full, the collector will work with the consumer to find ways to pay their account. Click here for a flow chart...


How soon can we expect to see results?

That depends on you. The amount of information you obtain on your consumers prior to extending services, and the age of your accounts at the time of assignment will determine results. An account 30 - 60 days old should bring money back to you in 30 - 60 days.


What happens when you have to go through small claims?

We always get written authorization from our clients before filing suit. In most cases costs are advanced by our agency and charged to the debtor,not to our clients. Once we obtain judgement we immediately move forward with execution by writ of garnishment.


Why do you think your agency can do a better job? 

We combine knowledge with experience and team them up with technology to become very effective in finding the best result for you.


Can we add collection fees? 

Yes, but only if clearly noted in the contract.


How do I get started with assigning accounts? 

You can begin by filling out this listing sheet.